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What began as an inside joke with the clients, "But, Gabriella, where is your pink chainsaw?" has grown into a beautiful brand and company dedicated to providing an elevated level of service that clients have demanded throughout the years of service. Gabriella always felt she had the opportunity to carve a unique presence in the tree and landscaping industry, by expressing attention to details and passion in her work.

With a combined 15 years of experience in tree care,  serving Snohomish and King counties, the staff and crew at PCTS specialize in all areas of tree care and removal services and are ready to co-create the landscape of your dreams. We pride ourselves in our signature services that combine our nuanced eye for elegant designs and genuine care for the native Pacific Northwest environments.

Our mission is to create beautiful and thoughtful tree and landscapes that compliment every home and corporate space, one client at a time. P.I.N.K. Chainsaw Tree Service curates exceptional service with Passion. Integrity. Nuance. and Knowledge.

We are committed to this promise:

[P.I.N.K.] Service

We see your landscapes as an extension of your life. In every point of connection, we will impart our passion and integrity into designing a serene scape that will inspire and rejuvenate you. We always seek to co-create with you and ensure that your voice is heard. You can expect thorough communication and ease. You are guaranteed the best experience, or we will make it right.

[P.I.N.K.] Community

We value our community and want to contribute to building a strong network of individuals who are similarly minded in caring for the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

[P.I.N.K.] Education

We believe that knowledge is essential to crafting a home and work space that is intentional and beautiful. We constantly evolve with the trends, and we want to equip you with the necessary tools to ensure that your scapes are well tended to and designed.