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All of our signature services are rooted in our desire to exceed your expectations.  from start to finish, we want your experience to be marked by excellence and a worry free process.

  1. A site safety assessment to ensure that your property and family are protected.

  2. Access to a certified Arborist, upon request for an additional fee.

  3. An expedited permitting process if required, upon request for an additional fee.

  4. Your service of choice with photo documentation of all work done.

  5. Brush and wood hauling.

  6. Stump grinding referrals for companies we love, if needed.

  7. Option to donate your wood to local organizations to those in need, when available.

  8. Pre and post service communication to ensure that you have the knowledge and tools to care for all of your scapes.

  9. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.


Treescaping is a term we use at p.i.n.k. chainsaw to describe the process of creating beautiful and effective spaces with trees. 



Should be started early in the life of a tree or hedge and repeated at least once per season for hedges and every two to three years for evergreens for best results. This allows the tree to develop a healthy and robust structure as it develops. Mature trees or hedges shaped regularly in their youth seldom need trimming to retain shape.

Consider shaping young fruit bearing trees in their first years to ensure healthy growth and optimal nature shape



Important preventative maintenance for trees and plants to ensure healthy growth and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions and pest infestations. Pruning entails removing dead, loose, or infected branches or growth from its respective tree or plant. Growth is then concentrated into healthy branches and limbs.

Consider pruning your fruit bearing, deciduous and evergreen trees twice a year for optimal health of your trees and safety for your home and property.  



Improves the shape or size of the tree or plant by removing unwanted branches and leaves that may hinder the growth or overall look of the tree. As a rule of thumb, not more than 25% of growth is removed to ensure continued health. Proper trimming and pruning ensures a tree’s structural integrity to withstand the notorious Seattle wind storms and mitigates the risk of broken limbs or falling branches.

Consider trimming your trees in dormant winter months or early spring.  


STORM readiness

Reduces the strain on major branches and offers protection for the tree and surrounding areas during storms and high winds. Essentially reduces the amount of branches throughout the tree’s canopy and decreases wind resistance.



View clearing is a way to enjoy the sweeping Pacific Northwest mountain ranges and sunsets that surround us within a lush corridor formed from your property’s trees. View enhancement is responsibly done by selectively raising the crown on key trees and removing large and unsafe limbs.


The selective removal of branches to increase light penetration and air movement to balance the weight distribution of the tree. Trees are most safe when their weight is evenly distributed from root to crown. A properly maintained tree’s structural integrity will support its weight in the event of a windstorm so you can ensure that your trees will not find new homes on top of yours.

Down only

Cutting a tree by careful portioning leaving all debris, wood, and stumps for you to clean. Most cost effective option for those who have large clearing spaces and plenty of place to safely drop the trees. 

Selective tree removal

The process for removing unwanted, dead trees or plants cut as close to the ground as possible. Stump is left in place.


Close quarter

Reduce the risk of fallen trees on your home or a neighboring property by selectively removing close quarter trees. Close quarter removals occur in highly sensitive spaces and require unparalleled execution to keep your property free from damage. This systematic removal system will give you peace of mind during stormy conditions when you would rather curl up on the couch with a hot chocolate and a favorite book (or is that just us?).



If you can think it, we can remove it. Storms and accidents happen, and when they do, P.I.N.K. Chainsaw is a phone call away. We believe that every misfortune is an opportunity to bring a little bit of P.I.N.K. to someone’s day.



Our crews are skilled and technical craftspeople who can assist you when the worst case scenario occurs. We are happy to bill insurance companies on your behalf to lighten the weight of the unfortunate.